IT Service Availability Management
IT Service Availability Management

Perpetuuiti is a leader in providing solution in business service availability assurance, orchestration and automation challenges. Perpetuuiti’s product family supports a combination of technologies, enabling solutions for organizational BCP automation, IT service continuity and availability management, recovery assurance, IT workload automation, auto-discovery of application IT infrastructure, and application interdependency mapping.

Enabling user, a comprehensive platform that integrates people, process and technology, Perpetuuiti’s flagship product, Continuity Vault, supports creation and maintenance of effective Business Continuity Plan. The Continuity Vault system automates organizational BCM practices, response and resolution identification through mobility while performing risk assessment and risk impact analysis using results of Business Impact Analysis (BIA). This facilitates the automated calculation of RTO and RPO for the users thereby helping them take informed business decisions.

An Intelligent IT Service Availability Management Suite focuses on

  • Business Service Availability
  • Business Continuity Automation
  • Business Risk Assessment/Crisis Management
  • Audit Management (BCP Reports/Recovery Plans/Incident Management Report)
  • Business Impact Analysis and Real Time Financial Impact Analysis
  • Real Time RTO and RPO
  • Virtualization Automation
  • Network Automation
  • Application Aware Layer
  • Auto Discover of Application Infrastructure and Inter-Dependency Mapping
  • Detailed Reporting

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