Data Center Infrastructure Management

Device42 delivers software that enables organizations around the globe to quickly, easily, and effectively manage their complex IT infrastructure. Device42 has been recognized as COOL Vendor in 2014.

Data Center Management

Data center inventory and asset management. No more de-centralized Visio diagrams and Excel sheets. Web based Automatic rack diagrams.

IP Address Management

IP Address Management(IPAM) made easy. Eliminate multiple spread sheets. Support for IPv4 & IPv6. Auto-discover using SNMP.

IT Assets & QR Codes

Manage all IT assets and inventory with customizable QR codes and eliminate barcode readers. Use Android, Windows, or iOS devices for inventory management.

Capacity Planning

In addition to rack U size, PDU outlets, switch port etc. for capacity planning, monitor power usage using SNMP.

Application Topology Mapping

Anticipate and understand the implications of a rack outage or down server. Improve IT troubleshooting using clear network visualizations.

CMDB for cloud Era

single source of truth within your organization. Get a clear view into your IT ecosystem to identify and manage all configuration items (CI) in your environment.

Quick Feature List

  • Web based console
  • Automatic rack diagrams
  • Available rack space
  • ½ U devices
  • Room layout with drag & drop
  • Custom rack sizes
  • Cable management
  • Physical/virtual/blade details
  • All details for devices
  • Record custom values
  • Cluster/HA details
  • Map application components
  • IPv4 and IPv6
  • VRF & overlapping subnets
  • Subnet percent used
  • Subnet tree
  • Import Excel sheets
  • Software license mgmt
  • Integrations w/ other tools
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Switch connectivity
  • Password management
  • Auto Application dependency
  • Easy & powerful search
  • Services discovery
  • Detailed impact charts

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