WAN Optimization Solution
Replication Acceleration Solution

Silver Peak solutions give you the power to quickly migrate to an enterprise-grade WAN that leverages the Internet, while dramatically improving application performance and lowering networking costs. Silver Peak WAN optimization has been recognized as leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant since 2014 to 2016.


Broadband WAN

Save up to 90% in WAN costs by deploying secure, optimized broadband connectivity. MPLS made sense when applications were only hosted in the data center. But today, applications have moved into the cloud, and companies want to operate at “cloud speed.” With today’s reality of cloud-based applications, MPLS is no longer sufficient to address today’s WAN requirements.

Hybrid WAN

Reduce your dependency on MPLS by adding lower-cost broadband connectivity. As more applications move to the cloud, companies are finding MPLS is no longer sufficient to address today’s WAN requirements. There is a desire to operate at “cloud speed,” but many IT organizations may be reluctant to transition to a broadband WAN (often referred to as an SD-WAN) overnight.

WAN Optimization

Improve the performance of all native and cloud applications. IT organizations around the globe choose Silver Peak WAN optimization to overcome network performance challenges and lower ongoing WAN costs.

Replication Acceleration

Shrink recovery point objectives (RPO) and replicate faster over long distance. Silver Peak VRX software was designed for the storage professional. It combines advanced WAN acceleration technology, simplified deployment methods, and subscription pricing options to deliver up to 20x faster remote replication. With VRX, storage managers can easily meet, or shrink, their recovery point objectives (RPOs). The VRX software deploys with just six simple steps, and does not require networking expertise.

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