VividaWeb OverBrowser® Solution

VividaWeb OverBrowser ® is an interactive communication platform to communicate on any connected device in a network. The organisation using this solution to monetize their network with connected users for example

Telco Operators

Use this solution for Push Self Care Solutions, Proactive Sales & Marketing channel, advertising platform and App adaptation tool

WIFI Providers

Use this for marketing and monetizing services like promotions, information about their organisation, Analytical and Reporting.

Car Makers and Transportation

Use this as infotainment solutions for “connected cars” project

OverBrowser® Solution is

  • Is a new communication space for an enhanced browsing experience, on any device, any screen, any browser
  • Is a clientless HTML5 App on the browser: OverApp®
  • Is an innovative marketing and advertising platform to provide: Monetize-on services; Self-care services; Promo-on, Branding & Loyalty programs; App discovery & App adoption opportunities
  • Is activated by: Telco operators; Wi-Fi providers; Apps; Firmware; Configurations

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