Software Based Flash Solution


PernixData FVP® software is the premier platform for server-side storage acceleration that is faster than all-flash arrays at a fraction of the cost. It delivers low latency, fault tolerant I/O acceleration tier using server flash or RAM, leveraging any shared storage for persistent storage capacity. Get the fastest VM performance, predictable scale-out growth, push-button simplicity and no rip-and-replace headaches.

Faster than All-Flash Arrays, at 1/10th the Cost

FVP accelerates both reads and writes to any primary storage using server flash and/or RAM by caching hot read and write data in the server, closest to compute. You can use the fastest server media including SSDs, NVMe, and RAM for sub-1ms response times, while riding the commodity curve to slash costs.

Scaling without the Scares

FVP lets you confidently scale-out performance in lock-step with your servers. Increase performance simply by adding more server compute, flash, or RAM. Decoupling performance from array capacity lets you predictably and cost-effectively scale performance as your environment grows.

Ingenious Simplicity

FVP software integrates seamlessly with existing servers, storage, hypervisors and VMs, eliminating the need to rip and replace existing infrastructure. This includes all variants of server flash (PCIe and SSD) and RAM, as well as any file (NFS), block (iSCSI, fibre channel, FCoE), or direct attached storage device.

Deployment of FVP software takes less than 20 minutes, with no reboots or changes required to VMs. Once installed, IT administrators simply create FVP clusters and assign the VMs to each pool of resources. As a VMware certified solution, PernixData FVP software resides within the hypervisor, avoiding performance and management challenges that come with virtual storage appliances (VSAs) and guest agents.

Compatible with all VMware Operations

PernixData FVP software uses patent-pending FVP Cluster™ technology to allow a VM resident on any host to remotely access the flash or RAM on a different host within the cluster. This enables FVP software to seamlessly support all VMware features and products (such as vMotion, HA and DRS) without requiring changes to workflows or impacting application, network or storage performance.

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